10 Nisan 2009 Cuma

'Gülün Tekrarı' İngilizcede...


longer seasons, times shorter
life is of roses again,—a rose after
was it rose season, may be it was
roses in rose sound
jugs in waters sound
long rains in fall sound
fresh for evermore
postin’ my nose tingle the longings sound
ruby-sky loves sound
mountain pass the cranes’ sound
so much I love my country
a little grief, a little suffering
still postin’ my nose tingle
by thy longing

let the blacksmiths’ sound reach far
modes of music mix’d by whim
roses are pour’d over bazaars
livin’ on the edge of crazy carousal
turk kurd georgian laz syrian
we had exchang’d roses
our folk songs are similar, our sky is same
it makes us with a bright insight
the long rains to enliven
we’ve faced famines, floods
over mezopotamian lowland
life is of roses again,—a rose after
pomegranate juice in pomegranate
dates of date palm again in erbil plain
again of silky hanky
flyin’ in the roof of sky

yellow faced with fall’s longing
rose of roses again had envied fall
let it come, it’s the hour
what you want to come over
let mecnun come with leylâ’s grief
whilst ironmongers thin out the sky
whilst the orchard gathers its roses
amid yellow lemons
in south I am of vagabondage age
sorrowful songs are runnin’ down to my heels
puttin’ together the day, the night, and the heavens
with summer songs
of roses again in soon summer roses
you are of roses again in roses
life is of roses again in birds
stone is of stones again over plain in urfa
as the moon enters into the cloud
let’s go to a street letter-writer
to engrave a rose of roses again in stone
of summers again in fall
of caves again in abode
as our dirge overflows the mountain pass
to whom we ought to tell our case
I know it is too late
I know it is very early
of silent again in sound
we are tagged with pain
even harmdoer hunters do not touch to us
longer seasons, times shorter
life is of roses again,—a rose after


Tercüme: 2009, Volkan Hacıoğlu

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